Plan B vs Plan C: What You Need to Know

In the season of virtual medicine, you may have a lot of questions about telemedicine, TelAbortion, and access to the abortion pill without having to see a doctor. If you are looking for information about abortion procedures, the abortion pill, and what your pregnancy options are right now – we can help. IN-OFFICE VISITS: We are taking every precaution to

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16 and Pregnant

Shame-Free Services and Support The test was positive. I couldn’t believe it. Even while I was staring down at that pink plus sign, I was still holding on to hope that somehow the test was wrong and I really wasn’t pregnant. I was only 16 and had my whole life ahead of me. A baby wouldn’t work with the plans

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5 Things I Would Tell My Twenty-Something Self

I turned 33 this year, and I’m loving it! I once thought that my thirties were “the beginning of the end” — the end of fun, fashion, and flirtation with my spouse, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve never felt more confident in my skin or excited about the future.  As I look back at my twenty-something

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How My Unplanned Pregnancy Changed My Life

Second Chances and New Beginnings “This couldn’t be happening again,” I thought to myself when I started feeling nauseous for the third morning in a row. I was a week late and I knew I needed to take a pregnancy test, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so just yet. I had finally found a good-paying job as

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Second Trimester Blog

What Are My Second-Trimester Pregnancy Options in Deltona, FL?

If you have already entered your 14th week of pregnancy and are still unsure about your choices, we can help. We provide a safe place to explore your pregnancy options in Florida without judgment, coercion, pressure, or cost.  Whether you just found out you are pregnant or your circumstances have changed, and you’re now considering a different choice, take the

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